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11:19am 09-25-2020
meik tyson
9:46am 09-25-2020
UFC 253: Adesanya vs
9:45am 09-25-2020
meik tyson
8:47pm 09-17-2020
I'm thirsty for some rock 'n' roll
8:48pm 09-16-2020
Bring it on! \m/
2:56pm 08-29-2020
meik tyson

11:39pm 06-28-2020
I saw this movie in the theaters back in '86 when it first came out. Being a metalhead or headbanger and living that life with bullies at school, this movie spoke to me. I even went out an bought the soundtrack on cassette. I saw it a couple more times after that. Fast forward to now and I re-watched it last night. Still love it. Still had the same feeling I had back then: finally someone gets it.
6:26pm 11-12-2019
So awesome I seen it 3 times in the theatre. Greatest soundtrack of all time
3:52am 11-11-2019
Alan Green
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11:24pm 10-31-2019
The Time Has Come , Behold \m/. Rock and Roll!!!!!
8:45am 10-31-2019
Subvamp -Webmaster
Lo, bear these tidings to great Lucifer
Say Faustus doth surrender up his soul so he will spare him 4 and 20 years
To give me whatsoever I shall ask
To tell me whatsoever I demand
To slay mine enemies, and aid my friends
And always be obedient to my will...

Tonight...33 years ago...Sammi Curr came back to nail 'em all. I was there, in a small, dark movie theater in Maryland, and my life would never be the same.

I've been running for many, many years now, and I will always keep the website going. I try to do a new update each year with a new interview, but some of the cast have been difficult to reach. But I'll keep trying! And as long as you keep visiting, we'll all keep Sammi's memory alive. Dead or alive...he still speaks to us...

So tonight, on this All Hallow's Eve 2019, raise a glass to Rock's Chosen Warrior, and watch "Trick or Treat" with me, and let's bring Sammi back for another Halloween.
No Fale Metal!
11:39pm 10-20-2019
T-11, bring All Hallows Eve on! Long Live Trick or Treat! \m/
1:07pm 10-09-2019
tick...., tock.....
10:10pm 09-20-2019
Killer movie, good tunes.... Keep it going....
9:36pm 09-12-2019
Creeping closer and closer...
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