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7:18pm 09-10-2015
Sammi Curr lives! This page is awesome! Please come back and keep the spirit alive!
12:01am 07-15-2015
Love this movie. As a kid I watched it every halloween I could with my mom. Now I am a mom and have passed the tradition along to my son.
3:09pm 05-19-2015
Best movie of the 80s.
~you should be loyal to your heroes. They could turn on you. ~
1:00pm 05-03-2015
metal dave
You are false metal, if you don't like this movie!
7:20pm 03-30-2015
Sara Sabbath
Been a huge fan since I was a kid. Love this movie. Love Ozzy and Gene. Wish Sammi Curr was real. Rockin film!
4:20pm 02-17-2015
eddie barnett
hey guys the movies was awesome
3:00am 01-18-2015
No False Metal !
2:02am 01-17-2015
Robert B
Sammi Curr lives.
11:18am 11-03-2014
LOVE it!
2:21pm 10-31-2014
Subvamp- Webmaster
Well Metalheads, another Hallowe'en is upon us! It's time to pay our respects to Sammi, Rock's Chosen Warrior. Tonight, on this All Hallow's Eve, get your favorite drink, break out the Fastway soundtrack, and watch "Trick or Treat" and let Sammi know he may be gone, but not forgotten. I know I will.
Until next Hallowe'en...
Nail 'em all, remember?
Subvamp - Webmaster,
1:04pm 09-19-2014
ron k
love the movie so much I watch it at least twice a week. I've seen the movie so much I can pretty much quote the movie word for word
11:04pm 09-14-2014
Oh how the memories flood in, have the Vhs, soundtrack on record and cassette, relating to eddie in this movie got me through high school, the hrs i spent, lol......
11:10am 08-30-2014
saw the movie in the theater as a teen, loved it then, and love it still!
10:29am 06-13-2014
I suppose it's only fitting that I found this site on Friday the 13th, with a full moon, too! Anyways, I found it on YouTube, and am now a big fan of the movie! What I like about the movie is that it gives hope to those of us from a small town but have big dreams. I swear, someday I'm going to be (or at least hope to be!) leading others from the stage- like Sammi! Rock and defend the music, fellow warriors!
11:01am 06-01-2014
Just saw for first time. Music brought me back to the good old days.
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