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11:10am 08-30-2014
saw the movie in the theater as a teen, loved it then, and love it still!
10:29am 06-13-2014
I suppose it's only fitting that I found this site on Friday the 13th, with a full moon, too! Anyways, I found it on YouTube, and am now a big fan of the movie! What I like about the movie is that it gives hope to those of us from a small town but have big dreams. I swear, someday I'm going to be (or at least hope to be!) leading others from the stage- like Sammi! Rock and defend the music, fellow warriors!
11:01am 06-01-2014
Just saw for first time. Music brought me back to the good old days.
8:42pm 04-28-2014
Laura Drewke
I seen this movie last year for the first time and I just had to own it... It's kind of the obvious plot but Tony Fields plays Sammi Curr so great, I love his role.. Marc Price plays his role well as an outcasted teen, but I wonder how the movie would have been different if he actually went along with the plan to nail em all... Rest in peace Tony
12:34pm 03-23-2014
I still love you Sammi after all these years. I still listen to my pressed Album, I still have the CD and the VHS copy movie and the DVD! This one is for all the ages! I'm 50 now and I will be watching and listening to this till I die! Thank You for this site!
3:00pm 03-19-2014
Sherry sweet
I'm 45 and I'm sitting here now and watching it with my 14-11-9 year old kids they wanted to watch this and they love this movie as much as I do Sammie has a nice ass I might add
10:50am 01-03-2014
Gil Zombi
I'm 38. I still watch you. And play the original pressed record.
2:21am 12-25-2013
Merry Xmas sammi you rocked my generation an your rocking my sons generation you're one of a kind
2:20am 12-25-2013
Merry Xmas sammi you rocked my generation an your rocking my sons generation you're one of a kind
5:44pm 12-19-2013
Marty Psycho Aiken
Rock the fuck out Sammi!!!
10:17pm 11-26-2013
Best fuckin movie of my generation!!! Seen it in 86' watch it every night
9:12pm 11-16-2013
Robert Lazor
Saw this movie when it came out when I was a teenager. It rocked then and still does today. Fastway's music for movie was great. This is what being a teenager in the 80's was about..... Rock n Roll...!!!!!!!
9:16am 10-31-2013
Wake up Sleepyheads, it's partytime!

Subvamp here, the webmaster of Even though we lost a few years worth of Guestbook entries, it's good to see all of you, Rock's Chosen Warriors, stopping by to visit to remember a great film, a great sountrack, and show some love for Sammi himself!

Another Hallowe'en is upon us, so tonight, grab a drink, carve your pumpkin, and sit in the dark and watch "Trick or Treat" and remember Sammi. I do every year.

Until next Hallowe' wimps. No false metal.
Nail 'em all, remember??
7:13pm 10-30-2013
Jesse Stephens
Quality flick that should have stood the test of time. This was 80's horror at it's finest.
12:27pm 10-28-2013
We will take u down!!!! Best rock movie of all time!!
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