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4:27pm 10-13-2016
William Pattison,
I love this film. I watch it every Halloween. It is a tradition with me. A great horror film, great soundtrack, and wonderful cast. What more can you ask. Sammi Curr is Forever!!!
9:13pm 05-10-2016
Anyway folks, this really rocks even in 2016. Seems you just can`t get enough of that 80s metal grit in music nowadays, even with legacy model guitars and amps re-introduced! Like my man George Clinton once said: "I was cool, but I had no groove!". This movie, and the soundtrack in particular, does ROCK!!!
One love to everybody involved in the movie, and also in creating this website.
12:56pm 05-06-2016
Makayla Campbell
You fuckin rock Sammi! \m/
8:32pm 03-18-2016
Sammi you rock!
9:14pm 01-06-2016
ade winda
great site
8:11am 11-03-2015
evan smith
Usually fall asleep to it when I cant sleep.Fuckin love this movie.You would have to be a product of the 80s to truly cherish this cult jem.Kids today have nothing in their eyes like my gen.had.You should be loyal to your heroes...they could turn on you. Evil Evan. Dora,Al.
3:25pm 10-31-2015

Hello my fellow Sammi followers! It's Subvamp, the Webmaster of

Another Halloween is upon us, and like many of you, I will be celebrating with Sammi Curr this All Hallows' Eve, as I do every year. It's good to see so many of you checking in and letting me know how much you like the website, and how you're all big fans of the movie, the killer Fastway soundtrack, and of Sammi himself!

So this Halloween evening, turn off the lights, light some candles, grab your favorite adult beverage, and join me in watching "Trick or Treat" and letting Sammi know he lives on.

What are you afraid of? It's only rock n roll....
6:14pm 10-17-2015
I am from Mexico and I am 37 year old, I love this movie, I am a big fan of it, I have copy of the movie in different formats, Beta, VHS, DVD, pending to buy the new edition on Blue Ray, also I have the sound track in LP, CD, & Cassette.

Besides of Rock star movie released in 2001 I never seen an other good rock movie, if somebody can recommend me another great rock movie will awesome.

This a great tribute page, please keep it alive and

What are you afraid of? it is only Rock and Roll!!!!
6:41am 09-27-2015
Swell dive into my teenage !
And nice to find this site right after having rewatched one of my alltimes-cult-movies for the umpteenth time
7:18pm 09-10-2015
Sammi Curr lives! This page is awesome! Please come back and keep the spirit alive!
12:01am 07-15-2015
Love this movie. As a kid I watched it every halloween I could with my mom. Now I am a mom and have passed the tradition along to my son.
3:09pm 05-19-2015
Best movie of the 80s.
~you should be loyal to your heroes. They could turn on you. ~
1:00pm 05-03-2015
metal dave
You are false metal, if you don't like this movie!
7:20pm 03-30-2015
Sara Sabbath
Been a huge fan since I was a kid. Love this movie. Love Ozzy and Gene. Wish Sammi Curr was real. Rockin film!
4:20pm 02-17-2015
eddie barnett
hey guys the movies was awesome
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