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5:44pm 12-19-2013
Marty Psycho Aiken
Rock the fuck out Sammi!!!
10:17pm 11-26-2013
Best fuckin movie of my generation!!! Seen it in 86' watch it every night
9:12pm 11-16-2013
Robert Lazor
Saw this movie when it came out when I was a teenager. It rocked then and still does today. Fastway's music for movie was great. This is what being a teenager in the 80's was about..... Rock n Roll...!!!!!!!
9:16am 10-31-2013
Wake up Sleepyheads, it's partytime!

Subvamp here, the webmaster of Even though we lost a few years worth of Guestbook entries, it's good to see all of you, Rock's Chosen Warriors, stopping by to visit to remember a great film, a great sountrack, and show some love for Sammi himself!

Another Hallowe'en is upon us, so tonight, grab a drink, carve your pumpkin, and sit in the dark and watch "Trick or Treat" and remember Sammi. I do every year.

Until next Hallowe' wimps. No false metal.
Nail 'em all, remember??
7:13pm 10-30-2013
Jesse Stephens
Quality flick that should have stood the test of time. This was 80's horror at it's finest.
12:27pm 10-28-2013
We will take u down!!!! Best rock movie of all time!!
3:20am 10-02-2013
Demonic Beasts!! What happened to the good old fashioned love song?? I love you?? That's a good word to use, nowadays they have to write some sickness!! It's just absolutely sick and bizarre, and I'm going to do my utmost best to try and stop it now!! These evil people have just got to be stopped!!! (Now, this is my all time favorite movie....LOL)
10:07am 09-10-2013
Nobel Kale666
"It's like you said: Rock's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse"
8:33am 08-27-2013
jason borden
my favorite movie of all time!!! THANK YOU for creating this site
7:59am 08-24-2013
I love Sammi!!!
12:24pm 08-06-2013
10:05pm 07-29-2013
This movie rules!!!!! Long live Sammi Curr!!!
8:38pm 05-31-2013
Film spettacolare, grandissimi Fastway!! Un ricordo indelebile della mia giovinezza! Metal never dies!!!
7:00pm 05-24-2013
purple rose
me and my life
1:59pm 02-04-2013
shadow rose
Can totally relate to Ragman. I was n high school when this came out. I was a metalhead. And still a metalhead. Will always be a metalhead.
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