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7:00pm 05-24-2013
purple rose
me and my life
1:59pm 02-04-2013
shadow rose
Can totally relate to Ragman. I was n high school when this came out. I was a metalhead. And still a metalhead. Will always be a metalhead.
8:00am 02-02-2013
what's up song is stuck in my head
1:30am 12-19-2012
sammi curr 80s metal i grew up then we are all rocks chosen warriors
10:54pm 11-30-2012
trick or treat
1:59pm 11-08-2012
This, Eddie and the Cruisers and kiss animalize live were my rotation movies as a child. I still have my original VHS of this awesome movie. I would love a another movie but in this day and age music and ppl are different. It would be hard to make another replacing the original Sammi. Love the site
12:39pm 11-05-2012
Pastor Obadiah Buls
We need a Trick Or Treat sequal, the Resurrection of Sammi Curr. It's been 26 years, ENOUGH! Give us more Curr. Come on, I'm Jonesing over here.
12:33pm 11-05-2012
Pastor Obadiah Buls
Playing my records backwards to get some "Cheap Thrills"
9:06pm 11-03-2012
Mark Moses
Loved the movie, fondest memory of my youth. Being a fellow metal head, occult follower, and lover of all thing beyond mainstream, this movie grabbed a part of myself that will forever be. Good memories. Don't rest Sammy. RISE!!! Tear down the walls!!!
5:16pm 10-31-2012
Wake up Sleepyheads!
Subvamp here, sending you Halloween greetings yet again. Unfortunately, it looks like we lost our old Guestbook, which had years of people visiting the site and remembering Sammi Curr on each Hallow's Eve. So we must start new. So here it is, 26 years after the release of Trick or Treat...where has the time gone?
So tonight, grab a drink, a bowl of candy corn, and watch Trick or Treat and Sammi nail 'em all once again!
Gonna get you, get you after midnight...
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