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10:07am 09-10-2013
Nobel Kale666
"It's like you said: Rock's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse"
8:33am 08-27-2013
jason borden
my favorite movie of all time!!! THANK YOU for creating this site
7:59am 08-24-2013
I love Sammi!!!
12:24pm 08-06-2013
10:05pm 07-29-2013
This movie rules!!!!! Long live Sammi Curr!!!
8:38pm 05-31-2013
Film spettacolare, grandissimi Fastway!! Un ricordo indelebile della mia giovinezza! Metal never dies!!!
7:00pm 05-24-2013
purple rose
me and my life
1:59pm 02-04-2013
shadow rose
Can totally relate to Ragman. I was n high school when this came out. I was a metalhead. And still a metalhead. Will always be a metalhead.
8:00am 02-02-2013
what's up song is stuck in my head
1:30am 12-19-2012
sammi curr 80s metal i grew up then we are all rocks chosen warriors
10:54pm 11-30-2012
trick or treat
1:59pm 11-08-2012
This, Eddie and the Cruisers and kiss animalize live were my rotation movies as a child. I still have my original VHS of this awesome movie. I would love a another movie but in this day and age music and ppl are different. It would be hard to make another replacing the original Sammi. Love the site
12:39pm 11-05-2012
Pastor Obadiah Buls
We need a Trick Or Treat sequal, the Resurrection of Sammi Curr. It's been 26 years, ENOUGH! Give us more Curr. Come on, I'm Jonesing over here.
12:33pm 11-05-2012
Pastor Obadiah Buls
Playing my records backwards to get some "Cheap Thrills"
9:06pm 11-03-2012
Mark Moses
Loved the movie, fondest memory of my youth. Being a fellow metal head, occult follower, and lover of all thing beyond mainstream, this movie grabbed a part of myself that will forever be. Good memories. Don't rest Sammy. RISE!!! Tear down the walls!!!
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